Hdtv Indoor Antennas - Simple and powerful

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Hdtv Indoor Antennas - Simple and powerful

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HDtv Indoor Antenna


Indoor antennas ($40+) with amplification (power cord) are a waste of time!

• The indoor antenna that out performs every other indoor antenna on the market!
• Tested and used by antenna installers for the reason that there is no gimmicking amplification/power plug with this indoor antenna! Indoor antennas with amplification/power plug can cause more problems than one without! This is due to the simple reason that the amplification feature is actually boosting up snow!; boosting up poor quality = detrimental effect on your reception! A simple straight forward indoor antenna as such used correctly will get you (for what is possible in your area with an indoor antenna) the best signal an indoor antenna can get for where it sits.


We cannot refund where this indoor antenna does not get the signal required if you still have reception problems however we guarantee that as far as indoor antennas go this is the one that will perform the best! By spreading the elements out to full length and making them as horizontal as possible (yes thats right not verticle or 'v shaped') and experimenting different parts of the room (usually at a window or side of the room closest to the direction where the transmitters are) you will get the best signal possible (with exception to an outdoor antenna - always recommended) that you can possibly get! If you live in a unit and an outdoor antenna is not possible for you, or the landlord or real estate simply aren't fixing the antenna/reception problems for you this can be the solution! Paticularly if you alreadly have worn/broken/ inferior brand of indoor antenna. You can combine an indoor antenna with a long male to female rf lead. (By putting the indoor antenna at a window facing the tv transmitters and connecting a good quality rf lead you can actually gain more signal from being at the window than what is lost through the extra length of cable - this is a trick used by antenna installers for tenants, unit residents where an outdoor antenna installation is not possible).

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