30.0m Antenna Cable - Coax Cable - Male to Female

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30.0m Antenna Cable - Coax Cable - Male to Female

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Television antenna flylead cable

To loop out of your vcr, dvd recorder, or digital set top box back to your television or the next appliance in the antenna loop.

Australian DBA (Digital broadcasting authority) states: "DIGITAL REQUIRES RG6 dual shielded or greater to maintain a stable picture''.

This cable is high grade - quadshield RG6 coax cable.

Professionally made by qualified electronics technicians and installers and tested prior to shipping.

Highest durability and longetivity that a antenna cable, coax cable, antenna cord

Reduce interference and digital break up, Professionally made antenna cable that uses high grade cable and quality plugs that are above the standards that digitally broadcasted signals require.


Freeview and Australian Digital broadcasts work with less problems when decent quality antenna/rf leads are used. These are of the highest quality. They are in fact of the quality used by the professionals in the indust. Bad reception/snowy pictures/digital breakup/pixelation on freeview or digital tv channels frequently comes down to a poor, under-performing or faulty premade/molded cheap white and nasty chinese made flylead/antenna cord. They have limited life at best and often are a problem straight out of the packet. I have seen too many times these leads under-perform on the signal meter for digital quality straight out of the packet! They really are a waste of money! The flylead is as important as then antenna itself. These RF antenna cords are important as the quality of the cable coming down from your antenna, your wallplate, splitter and terminations when it comes to trouble free digital tv reception.

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