"THankyou for saving day. I desperately needed some yellow tongue cable feeders the very next day and Im glad you pulled through. For reliable service call these guys! " Adam, Mackay
"Comment: Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding service. I placed an order on Friday afternoon and received my order on Monday in Darwin. Even paying for express post that is an exceptional turnaround time for delivery to Darwin. I will definitely be using your site again and recommending you to friends, family and colleagues. :-) Thank you."
- Linda, Darwin
"I have had some good service in my time but this beats all. Ordered before you guys were even out of bed and found in mailbox on returning home from large CCTV installation. This will be invaluable tomorrow for the next four cameras. Much appreciated. John Wilson - Toowoomba"
"Hi I am new to the Home theatre 'scene' I don't watch tv daily but I now have a great Rig and it's working just the way I like it. Great business and service by the way. So easy and much cheaper/better than buying from any shop. Cheers Hams, Castle Hill"
"Initial Comment: Hi Fair enough comments you have made and pleased you took this effort in responding. 2nd Email: You were right! I unfortunately learnt the hard way (going against your recommendation) and got a digital antenna that was advertised being like yours but had different specifications - it was cheaper and I didn't understand that it would make much of a difference but I'll behonest I've now learnt that you get what you pay for! You really can get a bargain online and I'm glad to have met Cable Magic who are an honest, hard working lot who give good quality products and service. Thankyou."
Ted - Vic
"Wow! What a credit to yous guys especially the extremely helpful advice I received! total un-necessary but that's what I am most impressed about;) I was equally impressed that in my instance the order was hand delivered the same day! My Foxtel has a way better picture from the component cables and component switches I bought from you. You have no idea how impressed I am it was a absolutely magnificient pleasure doing business with you:)"
Peter - Nerang
"As per my previous Email thank's again. I will most certainally pass on your way of dealing with customers to my friends ! Kind regards Chris"
Chris - Nerang
"Hi CableMagic, We received the hdmi cables today, thank you!! I will definitely recommend your website to our friends. Kind regards Kerry, WA"
Sakera, NSW
Very helpful and informative. It's nice to know that there are still people out there who provide honest reliable and unbiased advice when you are genuinely seeking information before you make a decision... and all without pressure to buy. "
Jason D, NSW
I've bought from you before a few years ago .. Saved a fortune buying direct from a wholesale ! very happy with turnaround time too. On the ball. "
Maureen, Happy Valley
"I ordered online a Scart cable at approx. 4pm yesterday and it arrived this morning at 11am. I have no hesitation recommending you to anyone or ordering from you again - cheers mate."
Dean - Sydney
"Your premium hdmi nearly blew me away at the size of the things and I was very unexpected by the price thankyou."
Harachio - Malaysia
"Dan thanks for your help with the digital antenna it's working better than ever now I just wish i got two yellow tongues instead of 1 yellow tongue because my son was playing with it and lost it on me so I'l prolly be in 'touch' lol."
Paul - Seaford, VIC
"I Testify to the great service cable magic provides. They care about their customers and have some great products. I found their honesty and product knowledge to be well impressive and they went out of their way to properly meet my demands on the day - overall good business and service without any hash. - Grant Scott, Home address: London UK ph: 07717764899."
Grant - London, UK
"Thanks for the perseverance with helping me get my ps3 working it turned out my amplifier couldn't handle 1080p so any way i took your advice used hdmi for my dvd and hdmi for my playstation. Glad you give the after sales service too because without it I would have just been at square one and lost my money. Ta "
Tracy - Ipswich QLD
"I'm the guy you call to install your home theatre system (a position of trust) and I would simply be lying and ripping my customers off if i said they needed to spend big $ on hdmi cables. I will recommend your business and hdmi cables to other installers and customers. "
###### Antennas - VIC
"Hi Cable Magic, I have received the wallplates today. I appreciate the good price. Thanks and regards, David"
David - Perth, WA
"I am very happy with the service received. In fact I have used your service many times because you are very reliable and provide a fantastic service. I find the service and products are unmatchable in price and quality. I have recommended yous to my family and friends, Thankyou again"
Wade Higgins -Corinda, QLD
"Exactly what I was needing. I was delighted at how quickly my order came."
Fabian Bryant - Paddington, QLD
"Initially I thought I had bought a lemon! But I rang you guys and after nearly 40min you got my set top box working and my cable, I was so glad you provided this service, it exceeded my expectations in every way and even more impressed by the result! "
Mrs Harfield - Seaton, SA
"My hdmi cable was nearly 5 times cheaper than !@#$%^ !@#$%^, took my cable back from !@#$%^ !@#$%^ and put the money to better use! Saved me alot of $!"
Shaun - Melton, VIC
"I couldn't find anyone else to supply me with what I needed, unbelievable! I must have tried nearly 2 or 3 other guys and they couldn't come up with the goods."
Nena - Hope Island, Gold Coast
"Your Digital antenna fixed my problem. In fact im trying to get a refund back from the money i wasted $300 on an antenna guy installing his digital antenna and it wasn't as good i swear! Anyway your instructions really helped and I'l be in touch when I do a new digital antenna for my mother's. Jotham."
Jotham - Casino, NSW
"I could not tell the difference in picture with my $20 component cable and my $250 hdmi cable. I was having trouble setting up all my equipment because I did not have enough AV and inputs on my television. Thanks for the support, my system works now without having to change cords over and your expertise with cables."
John - Minto, NSW
"Where do you get your yellow tongues from? I could not find anywhere online to get them from but thanks they really helped me out getting here the next day when i needed them thankyou."
Jake - Fremantle, WA
"got 10 of your hdmi cables for $6.60 each wow every single one worked the picture is as good as anything I dont know how the shops sell them for so much cos i got 10 for cheap than 1! what version are they hdmi cables by the way?."
"Comment: Hi Cable Magic, Just sending a quick thank you for the service. I ordered some cables over the phone in the morning. It was delivered the next day!!! Also living in brisbane the lovely gentleman offered to deliver it the same day. I know nothing about cables and I wasn't sure if I ordered the right product. He knew exactly which ones I had to get and even though I ordered it I still wasn't sure. I installed it and works perfectly!! Thank you for the prompt service and actually have a knowledge on your produc!! Great work!! Regards Theresa."
Steven ______ - Croyden, VIC
"Hi great service i was not expecting a phone call for such a small order. I'm wanting to transfer my vhs tapes to dvd do you sell DVD RW- ? And do your digital antennas get HD?."
Kelly - Cairns, QLD