F to F Flylead for foxtel, or F type tv outlets (screw on) 15m

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F to F Flylead for foxtel, or F type tv outlets (screw on) 15m

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F male to F male flylead hand made out of Foxtel Approved High Grade rg6 Quad Shield Coax Cable. Tested and made by industry professionals. Perfect for extending your foxtel cables for when you want to move your foxtel from one side of the room to the other!; or to another room.


Screw on F connectors for 'screw on' wallplates known as ' F Type Wallplates. F type wallplates are better for digital. These are perfect for replacing old or worn leads used by Foxtel to stop pixelation and problems with your Foxtel dropping out. Foxtel recycle their leads so faulty f to f flyleads can be the problem. Also, if you need hdmi or component cables to get the best picture you can possibly get from Foxtel IQ we have them too; along with spare foxtel remotes and Ir extenders (for changing the foxtel channel from another room where you have sent foxtel into another room of the house).

Another customer enquiry "I currently have foxtel IQHD which is satellite. I want to move the TV so there I have to move Foxtel. I really don't want to pay foxtel to put in another point. There are two cables coming out of the floor. What cables would I need to buy so i can move the tv/foxtel. I would need about 10-15metres. Thanks for your help Natalie"

"Natalie - this product is exactly what you need for what you are trying to do"


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