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Foxtel Accessories

All your Foxtel, FOX IQ and FOXTEL HD needs and accessories. Av sender/receivers, scart cables, Ir extenders for changing channel remotely on your foxtel signal, Hi-res picture cables, spare remotes, hdmi or component cables for your Foxtel IQ + more.

Currently the best picture you can get from your Foxtel IQ or Foxtel hd is by using a component cable as opposed to a hdmi cable! (see for yourself - brighter picture!)

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  1. Foxtel Cable Extension 2.0m

    Regular Price: $34.98

    Special Price $14.98

    Professional grade Foxtel Cable extension cables. • This is a 2.0m F to F Coax cable for cable, sat and pay TV boxes • Available in black or white • Available in all lengths : 1.5, 2.5m. 5m, 10m, 15m • We professional make up these foxtel extension cables as foxtel contractors would • These are used to move, extend, relocate your Foxtel box from a position further from the Foxtel wallplate on the wall. • Order your foxtel cable extension to your desired length • Next day delivery available.
  2. High End IR Remote Control Extender Receiver 3 inputs 4 Outputs

    Regular Price: $199.99

    Special Price $89.99

    As low as: $59.23
    IR Remote Control Extender small and discreet • Professional grade • Control and manage your whole house • Operate up to 8 devices from 3 control access points throughout the home or building • Features IR Extender unit with 3 inputs and 4 outputs • 1 x Receiver (additional receivers available below) • 4 x Twin Repeaters (transmitters) • Australian power supply • Extensions for Repeaters or transmitters available below) to run cables through walls or ceilings - extend up to 20m. These are the bee's knees of IR extension. The receivers are pretty much invisible. Mount them atop of your wall mounted TV or where-ever the imagination can come up with - they're that small they're virtually invisible. Control your devices and equipment that is hidden behind the wall or in the A.V cupboard.
  3. How to Fix your old Foxtel Remote that's not working!

    Regular Price: $4.56

    Special Price $2.23

    Here is information on how to Fix your broken / unworking Foxtel RemoteUse 'fixmyremote' code for free postage!!! Works with sole purchase of this product only • Fixes 90% of Foxtel remotes that stop working • Also works for Austar Remotes of all kinds • 90% of the time it is a link between the Foxtel box and your Foxtel Remote • Upon purchasing this product we will email you ASAP Instructions on what to do to get your Foxtel / Austar Remote working again! • If for any reason it doesn't work or you're not satisfied We will gladly refund you you're money NO QUESTIONS ASKED We will give you back your money and perhaps you can go ahead and just buy one of our replacement remotes.
  4. Yellow Tongue (Half) 1.75m

    Regular Price: $16.00

    Special Price $7.97

    As low as: $7.56
    Yellow Tongue (half size) • 1.75m • Full size yellow tongue also available • This length of yellow tongue is suitable for tv wall mounting jobs, wall cavities where you are installing an extra tv outlet, data outlet, power outlet etc 'up high' • Yellow in colour • Yes this is the tongue that comes from yellow tongue flooring or tongue groove flooring
  5. SCART to Component Cable with 2rca audio (5rca) 1.5m

    Regular Price: $39.98

    Special Price $27.23

    As low as: $12.00
    Scart to 3rca Component + 2rca audio • 1.5m • 3rca RGB Component + 2channel red + white Audio to 21 Pin Scart • Will deliver better picture from your Foxtel IQ of Foxtel HD than a hdmi cable will! - This is due to component delivering the same dpi (Dots per square inch) as a hdmi but component is analogue and for some reason brings out brighter colours than hdmi (just the way it works, a compatibility issue with Foxtel boxes) • Improve the impressiveness of your Foxtel IQ or Foxtel HD picture by swapping the Yellow or HDMI connection your using with a 'scart to component' cable. Component used with Foxtel IQ or Foxtel HD will deliver an immediate noticeable improvement in the colour definition and richness of your Foxtel picture.
  6. Free Foxtel DIY Kit

    Regular Price: $249.00

    Special Price $163.00

    Free Foxtel DIY Kit • This is a package designed to have everything you need to 'Do it yourself' to send and use comfortable reliable Free Foxtel to another tv in your house • Perfectly Legal (you cannot watch two seperate channels - for this you must pay for another Pay TV box) • Perfect if your pay tv box is out in the loungeroom - and you want to go to bed to watch pay tv! • Perfect if the kids hog the loungeroom playing their games and dvd's - go to the bedroom and watch pay tv! • Perfect if the husband or wife wants to watch his/her shows! you can watch your pay tv in the bedroom! • This kit gives you the cabling required to send crystal clear (AV) quality (3 x times the resolution of RF) over long distances to a second tv in your house enabling you to watch your pay tv in that room with only one box. ('Free Foxtel'!) • Sending Free Foxtel via av is 5 x more reliable than wireless sender /receivers that pick up alot of interference being on the same frequency as cordless telephones, wireless modems, wireless internet nowadays etc (very tempermental). With your free pay tv cabled in its immune from interference! • (Optional) Extra 1 rca to 1 rca 30m cable (to have red and white audio) product avail. below. Read more below....
  7. IR extender - Foxtel / Pay TV Magic Eye - Change your Foxtel channel from another room (RF)

    Magic eye works with sending to one additional TV only! If you are sending your Foxtel, Austar or Pay TV to multiple TVs you need the Digitech IR extender (as seen below)

    IR extender - Foxtel / Pay TV Magic Eye - Change your Foxtel channel from another room (RF) • When your Foxtel is cabled in with coax cable sending (RF) signal to another room this little device can be plugged in; in about 5 seconds enabling you to change channel in that room; without going out to where the Foxtel box is to change the channel! • No Power supply - Is powered by the Foxtel box when inserted in the line. • Extremely easy to install • Small inconspicuous Ir receiver (the eye) • Extremely effective & reliable • Works only with Rf sent foxtel signal(most common) • This "Magic Eye" remote extender lets you control the TV channels on your digital satellite box from another room in your house. The device connects between the coaxial cable and the aerial socket on the back of the TV. The Eye then sits on top of the TV and users can change the channel with the satellite remote without leaving the room. • Full menu instructions included • Attractive silver finish • 850mm lead between main unit and the 'Magic Eye' LED indicator • Unit your receive may come in silver or black
  8. F to F Flylead for foxtel, or F type tv outlets (screw on) 30m

    Regular Price: $139.95

    Special Price $45.58

    BOTH ENDS OF CABLE LOOK AS PER PICTURE • 30m - Low loss cable F male to F male flylead hand made out of Foxtel Approved High Grade rg6 Quad Shield Coax Cable. Tested and made by industry professionals. Perfect for extending your foxtel cables for when you want to move your foxtel from one side of the room to the other!; or to another room.
  9. Monster Cable out of stock? This product shows when Monster cable out of stock. Does everything a monster cable will do at a fraction of the price! Budget Hdmi 1.5m

    Regular Price: $32.95

    Special Price $12.60

    As low as: $6.60
    Perfect for Blu-Ray 1.5m Hdmi Cable for: • High Definition, LCD, Plasma TV's • Playstation 3, Xbox 360's • HD Set Top Boxes • HD DVD, Blue Ray players • New Foxtel HD service • Full Hd picture + 5.1 s.sound in one cable • Version 1.3b • Delivers 1080P Full HD Video • High Speed
  10. Ir Extender Digitech Discreet (Wired) Small Eye

    Regular Price: $78.99

    Special Price $65.95

    As low as: $39.99
    Small and discreet Ir Extender • 1 x receiver with 3m length • 1x twin repeater and 1x single repeater (total 3 emitters to beam the Infra Red signals onto your hidden equipment) These Ir extenders beam and control your remote control's signals from the very small, un-noticeable receiver to your hidden equipment that is out of sight. Put the receiver atop of your wall mounted television or anywhere else that makes it invisible. extend the length of the receiver or the emitter cables and you can wire this through the ceiling or down the walls.

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