Yellow tongue 3.54m long! - Brand new - Get your own cables up the wall! Buy it Here! arrive next business day!

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Yellow tongue 3.54m long! - Brand new - Get your own cables up the wall! Buy it Here! arrive next business day!

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Yellow tongue cable feeding tool - a.k.a 'Cavity Master', 'Cavity King', 'Wall snake' or 'Magic Strip'
• 3.54m
• Next day delivery available
• Hundreds in stock at all times
• Yellow tongue shipped World Wide (5-8day delivery) Contact us for express.
• Used to draw, feed, get cable, electrical cable, coax cable, cat5/6 or any type of cable or speaker cable up/down/through wall cavities, down walls or across ceiling spaces
• Yellow Tongue: also known as Magic Strip, Plastic Tongue, Cavity King, Plastic feeding tool, Cavity Master, Wall Snake
• The tool the professionals cannot do without to get their cables through the wall cavity.
• Very versatile and useful tool for all cable runners/electricians.

Comes coiled in express post satchel - Guaranteed next day delivery according to Australia Post. (Conditional also to the time of order)

• Yellow tongue has tapered edges
• A cable runner's best friend, Charlie the electrician loves Cable Magic because he knows that when his employees leaves one in a roof or forgets to tie it down on the back of the ute, he can quickly order some more yellow tongues (some spares) and have them by the next day so he doesn't fall behind with work. Cable Magic have endless supply of yellow tongues and all orders are shipped same day upon confirming payment for orders received by 4pm.


Australia's first and only online retailer of Yellow tongue feeding tool! We have yellow tongues in stock! Bulk buy for the cheapest price. We can guarantee next day delivery for all orders made prior to 4pm QLD EST.

More INFO + How to use a yellow tongue!:

Comes in an express post envelope coiled up. You can use two taped together for double story buildings. For tight cavities tape the cable you are feeding up the wall onto the 'end' of the tongue rather than 'on' the tongue reducing the chances of your tongue or cable getting snagged as you pull it up or down. This is the tool all the professionals use to run extra tv outlets, antenna points, electrical points, extra outlets for phone, foxtel, antenna, tv, electrical etc.

Tips/Tricks of the trade: Glide your tongue gently up the wall instead of shoving it up. Try to 'feel' the obstacles with your hand when obstacles are met and twist the tongue over instead of jamming it up there when it meets resistance. For double brick walls: Jamming can be the most effective technique (Twisting not recommended or usually possible) Twist the yellow tongue over once and see if it will then glide past the obstacle it previously met. Twist over as many times as necessary (or it will allow you to) until it glides past its hidden obstacle (which you obviously cannot see) Do this repeatedly, until is seems it as glided all the way to the top listening carefully - often you will hear it tapping at the top indicating it has gone all the way up your wall cavity. (If there is a really stubborn obstacle, this could be air conditioning, other cables, grout/mortar on the back of the brickwork, just too tight of a fit but more than likely a stud! in which case you need to twist the tongue in a way to get around it! Do know the difference between an 'inside wall' and an 'outside wall' of the premises as 'inside walls' need pre drilling! - any 'outside wall' of your house generally has a cavity along the brickwork. (You may need to drill through the ply-wood) If you using the yellow tongue on a timber home, timber slats, weather board home there is generally no cavity up 'outside walls'.

For double brick walls in Victoria, SA and WA:There is a fantastic trick of the trade to help get your yellow tongue up the cavity between the two 'walls' quicker and easier. It's all in the way you predrill the hole! If you instead of drilling 90 degrees (parallel with the floor) through the first wall - you drill upwards on much of an angle as your drill and length of your masonry drill bit will allow you the tongue will glide up alot easier! Because it is already going up in that direction and doesnt have to turn a sharp 90 degree bend! You are also looking after your tongue alot better by not bending the tip; keeping your tongue nice and straight! And as any professional that uses one every day they will tell you a nice, new, straight, yellow tongue always works better than a worn one.

For your information: These yellow tongues are much longer than 90% of walls so you should not shove the whole thing up there.. in fact you should leave nearly a whole meter at the bottom and then check first from under the tile/tin or from your loft/ceiling space (which ever way you are tackling it) to see if you can see it or grab the tongue you have glided up the wall cavity. Also if you can get someone to help you by 'wiggling' the tongue for you while you're up in the ceiling space this will help you to find it and grab it. Two people are nearly always easier than one especially if you are a DIYer! Also you can drill a hole in one end of your yellow tongue to 'twist' your wire/cable to increase the strength of your cable attached to your tongue.

"I see yellow tongues on the highway and the street all the time, there must be alot of tradies who lose their yellow tongues! and I'm lucky enough to be able to pull over and grab one every once in a while but it always seems like when I really really need one I don't see them for a month! It's good to know I can come online and buy one straight away and get a yellow tongue when ever I want the very next day for a relatively cheap price especially if i get two or three in one go. Very handy."
Kane - Sydney Digital Antennasl"

"I need to put an extra antenna outlet in my daughters bedroom and I was after one of the yellow tongues- there those flexible yellow strips of plastic that are used by the sparkies to drop cable down the wall"
Ben - Geelong"

"Your tips were extremely useful for running my data cables & cat5 through brick walls. Speaking of which I also need more cat5 cable and I will be ordering more from yous guys from now on"-Trent, Springwood.

More tips on using Yellow Tongue strips: Keep, Keep, Keep and I repeat - keep your yellow tongue in plumber's pipe or somewhere where it will stay straight! Avoid, avoid and avoid bending the ends at all possible to get up the wall. As tempting as this may be, I have used yellow tongues for years and I do bend the ends to help me use the yellow tongue and get up stubborn walls. If you are using your yellow tongue for a once off use - then fine, go for it. But if you tend to re-use it, try to avoid the temptation. At the times of bending it, it helps me immensely but then I go to use it up another wall and it nearly always causes me grief - I spend over 10min longer getting it up the wall compared to a nice brand new, straight one.

Getting yellow tongues delivered to your door has never been easier and never been faster. Online e-commerce in Australia is by far behind that of the online industries in other countries. Where Australia is behind, Cable Magic are paving the way; especially when it comes to selling and providing products that you cannot buy anywhere else. like the: yellow tongue.


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