Tv Turntable - Swivel base - Rotating Platform 25cm diameter

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Tv Turntable - Swivel base - Rotating Platform 25cm diameter

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• If a stranger came around to your house and asked to see the one thing that you were most proud of owning, what would it be? Showcase it on one of our rotating turntables!

• Have you ever scratched a piece of furniture? Perhaps you have a nice new large TV and you want to turn it from side to side for better angle viewing and it scratches up your nice TV cabinet. A TV turntable supports up to 80kg and protects your valuable furniture!

Tv turntable A.K.A Rotating platform, Swivel base perfect for modelling cars, serving food or for swivelling your Television around!
• 25cm from edge to edge (Diameter)
Also have large version (40.5cm tv turntable rotating platform diameter product below
• Supports tvs up to 50kg!
• Black in colour
• Circular in shape
• Easy to use, put your tv on top and away you go!
• Makes it easy to turn your tv around without scratching your furniture or pulling a muscle.
• Turntable perfect for hobbyists, working on your remote control car or toy plane, working on anything whilst your fixing, repairing or painting it
• Use tv turntable /turntable for serving beverages or rotating/showcases products or items!
• Multiple uses!
• Strong bearings (to withstand the weight of a tv) means it can be used for commercial or shop applications to turn all sorts of things that would sit on a swivel base.


25cm edge to edge. (40.5cm version below)

Is it a frisbie? Is it a UFO ? No its a tv turntable!

I got asked the other day by my mother: "What in the world is that!?" to which I replied, "Look, I'll show you!" I then put the tv turntable on the tv cabinet and put the LCD on top of the swivel and turned the tv around with the push of my little finger. My mum then said "Oh, that's handy, where do you get those?". I said, "Oh, online, you're looking at about sixty-five bucks" with a big smart arse grin on my face. "Na just kidding! - Cablemagic have them for about ten bucks!" Mum then replied "Oh good one son give your mother a heart attack why don't you, I'll have to get one of those".


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