Free Foxtel DIY Kit

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Free Foxtel DIY Kit

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Free Foxtel DIY Kit
• This is a package designed to have everything you need to 'Do it yourself' to send and use comfortable reliable Free Foxtel to another tv in your house
• Perfectly Legal (you cannot watch two seperate channels - for this you must pay for another Pay TV box)
• Perfect if your pay tv box is out in the loungeroom - and you want to go to bed to watch pay tv!
• Perfect if the kids hog the loungeroom playing their games and dvd's - go to the bedroom and watch pay tv!
• Perfect if the husband or wife wants to watch his/her shows! you can watch your pay tv in the bedroom!
• This kit gives you the cabling required to send crystal clear (AV) quality (3 x times the resolution of RF) over long distances to a second tv in your house enabling you to watch your pay tv in that room with only one box. ('Free Foxtel'!)
• Sending Free Foxtel via av is 5 x more reliable than wireless sender /receivers that pick up alot of interference being on the same frequency as cordless telephones, wireless modems, wireless internet nowadays etc (very tempermental). With your free pay tv cabled in its immune from interference!
• (Optional) Extra 1 rca to 1 rca 30m cable (to have red and white audio) product avail. below.
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Free Foxtel DIY Kit

This kit has everything you need to send Free pay tv to another television/monitor or projector in your home. 30m of Quadshield cable making very long av cables allow a crystal clear picture to be sent over long distances up walls , down walls, through your ceiling space from the pay tv box to another television in the house.

The kit includes: • Individually items included exceed $280! • 1 x 30m AV cable - (2rca to 2rca) (One for video, one for audio(mono) - (professionally hand made from quad core, low loss coax cable) (RRP: $150+!) • 2 x bullnose wallplates - For that finishing touch - covering up holes in the wall at the pay tv end and at the tv you're sending the picture to end. Also the easiest way for giving you a perfect finish for brick walls.(RRP $22) • 2 x plaster brackets (for putting wallplates on plaster walls) (RRP $10) • 1 x Yellow tongue for feeding your cables up/down the wall and across the ceiling space (RRP $30) • 1 x Digitech IR extender (wireless gadget enabling you to change the channel wirelessly from that room!) (Ir signals sent wirelessly are much more immune to interference unlike video & audio signals) - 99% guaranteed reliability! (RRP $55) • 1 x Additional Foxtel /Austar Remote! - remote will work all foxtel /austar boxes (RRP $65 from Dick Smiths) • Free technical support installing your Free Foxtel Kit (via email/phone - as much as required!)

If you were thinking of sending free pay tv from your pay tv box to another room with a wireless sender/receiver well you would be up for roughly $100 and then you have to worry about the reliability of that when they are susceptible to so much interference. This kit gives you perfectly reliable, interference immunity to free pay tv signals being sent to another room + High quality signal meaning crystal clear pictures no matter how far away your tv is + the ability to change the channel from that room = the complete free pay tv package!

Basic Steps/Instructions for Installing the Kit (these are instructions for keeping all cables concealed in wall/ceiling cavities):

For brick walls: You are going to need a Hammer drill and a 12mm wide (or larger - the bigger the better) masonry drill bit for drilling holes through the brick wall to get the yellow tongue (included) throgh the hole to be able to pull your 30m Av cable (included) up the wall cavity of the double brick wall. Tips: Drill the hole upwards on an angle rather than at a right angle with the wall (This will make; getting your yellow tongue up the wall 3 times easier!). With your bullnose wallplates and without going all out on an extremely large and expensive masonry drill bit like 35mm wide (around $50 from bunnings) you are going to need to drill two holes - side by side or carefully work the hole out big enough enabling you to fit both thicknesses of the av cable yet keeping the combined hole/s smaller than your bullnose wallplate (standard wallplate size) to keep a nice finish. Once holes are drilled, and you have managed to work your tongue all the way up the cavity to the ceiling space, tape & secure one length of the AV cable (1 at a time) to the 'end' of the tongue and not 'onto'. Be sure to keep the tape/attachment streamline as to not snag on the drilled hole on the way in (this is usually the tights fit). Access your tongue from the ceiling space and pull up your cable. (10x easier if you have someone helping you 'work'/gently pushing the cable upwards as well!) Once you've managed to pull your cables past the drilled hole the rest will pull up much easier. Repeat this process for the wall you are getting the cables 'down' but reverse the taping procedure. (Get your tongue up the other wall cavity but tape it from in side of the ceiling to the tongue and pull your cables down, rather than up in the first scenario) Put your cables through the bullnose wallplate and fix the wallplate to brick wall using masonry plugs/anchors & appropriate screws. (Use Aprrox. 6mm masonry bit) Repeat this for both ends. Screw on the RCA connectors to the cables and plug one into the 'yellow out' on the back of the pay tv box and the other to the 'red out' or 'white out' (doesn't matter which one) of the pay tv box. At the other end plug one into the 'yellow in' of your tv's av input and the other into white or red. (Make sure your pay tv box is on): When you go to that av input on your tv, You have 50/50 chance that you will have Pay TV picture! Or will get a humming noise which means you just need to swap the cables around! because you got the video plugged into audio and vice versa. Simple!. Now that you have successfully sent free pay tv to the other tv you want to be able to relax and change channel without going all the way out to the ''loungeroom'' to change the pay tv channel! Using the IR extender (included in kit) simply plug in the receiver (the one with the eye) into power near the pay tv box and position the eye in front of the pay tv box(You may need to play around with position until you get it right). And plug the receiver just into power in the other room. And WooLAH! = CHanging CHannels!

A customer Enquiry

"I'm interested in purchasing a 30m 3 plug RCA cable (to run up the wall/in the roof so as to have pay tv in another room) and two AV composite wall plates from you (i.e. link to this product on your website: Can you please advise whether the 30 m cable will plug into the back of the AV composite wall plates?" Thanks."-Chris, WA

Answer:"Sure will. But because you have brick walls I have a much easier solution for you as you have quite a job on your hands as it is as a DIYer. Look at our bullnose wallplates, they will make the job so much easier covering the hole drilled in your brick wall whilst also giving you that professional finish."

Customer Email: "Hi I received all the cabling etc for the Free Foxtel kit and everything is now installed and working perfectly - thanks. Couple of quick questions - If in the future I want to feed the signal to another TV can I use a splitter in the cabling I got from you (and just get extra cable) or would I have to buy another Free Foxtel kit? If the cabling can be put through a splitter would this make a noticeable difference to the picture/sound quality? Also do you know if wireless headphones will interfere with the signal of the remote control extender? Thanks for your help. Stuart" Our Response: Okay Re: The headphones - No they will not interfere. And yes you just split the signal with some 1rca to 2rca (mono to stereo cables) and because this is AV signal you won't notice a difference in the picture at all. I have personally split and run composite signal (yellow) from pay tv 6 times before over 50m runs (using quadshield coax cable) and all came out with a perfect picture on lcd screens. You do not need another complete pay tv kit. When you're ready to get the stuff to send it to another tv just email us and we can tailor up a package that includes everything for you - should be around $30-$50 depending on how much coax cable you need etc. Also, thanks for getting back to us and letting us know the kit worked well for you! I'm happy to know that they work as well for others as I know they do for us :)


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