16-32" Flat Panel Wall Bracket Low Profile

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16-32" Flat Panel Wall Bracket Low Profile

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Mounting tips: 1. Secure top of bracket with at least two screws to prevent bracket from bending under weight of tv. 2. Ensure screws are anchored in middle of timber studs (where studs are used) and not on the edge. 3. Ensure 'arms' attached to back of tv are level as well as the 'back plate' that you have screwed onto the wall. (If these are out your tv can still sit on a slant) 4. When attaching 'arms' on back of tv: Do so manually controlling torque to ensure you do not damage the mounting thread. Using drills/powered screwdrivers can break the glue holding these threads in place damaging your tv.

CONCEALING CABLE TIPS: 90% of plaster and stud walls have a horizontal stud exactly half way between floor and ceiling.: 1. When cutting/drilling holes - aim for just below half way so that bottom of your flatscreen will hide this hole but you do not have the challenge of getting cables past a stud inside the wall! (No responsibility taken) 2. Cut bottom hole first. 3. Plan/work out exactly what cables you need to connect equipment to your tv that are going to be concealed within the wall ensuring you have slack at either end! Don't forget the aerial cable and don't forget the power cable! 4. Determine whether you need right angle adapters for your calbes - some low profile brackets sit that close to the wall that when you go to hook it on it will squash/damaged cables but more important severely damage sockets on your television! 5. 3 pairs of hands are useful espec for larger screens. (2 for holding the tv's weight from each end for up to 30-90sec and another for plugging the cables in!) 6. For brick walls/walls without cavities or an easy alternate to concealing cables and avoiding cutting/drilling large holes in walls white conduit can you used and is still favourable over just having cords hanging down everywhere.


75kg max weight Loading capacity. Slimline , low profile design.

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