Yellow tongue from $9.95 to England, UK & Europe - Feed cables/cords up wall cavities yourself!

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Yellow tongue from $9.95 to England, UK & Europe - Feed cables/cords up wall cavities yourself!

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Delivered from Australia to England and U.K
• 7-10 day delivery
• Please note: We are currently experiencing difficulty with our shopping cart in terms of overseas customer check outs. Please email with the # of yellow tongues you require. We will send you a paypal request with postage included. Postage starts from $10.80 for sea mail or $18.20 for air mail (under 500gram - QTY: 3 Max) For orders of more than 3, overseas parcel prices go up dramatically. Please email above for a quote.
• Express post available - please email us and we'll send you a Paypal request.
Yellow tongue - a.k.a 'Cavity Master', 'Cavity King', 'Wall snake' or 'Magic Strip'
• 3.5m in length
• Use your yellow tongue to push, pull, feed, get cable, electrical cable, coax cable, cat5/6 or any type of cable or speaker cable up/down/through wall cavities, down walls or across ceiling spaces
• Yellow Tongue: also known as Magic Strip, Plastic Tongue, Cavity King, Plastic feeding tool, Cavity Master, Wall Snake
• The tool the electricians and all cable runners cannot get through their day without.
• Your wall cavity is no match for a yellow tongue! Its what the professionals use
• Very flexible yet stiff plastic used to hold floor boards together but has been used and proven to be an invaluable tool for cable runners in the industry, you'll be able to feed cables up the wall yourself with little to no training.
• Brand New - comes coiled up in a the envelope
• Prepare your yellow tongue by leaving un coiled out in sun or coiling up in the opposite direction to re 'straighten' the yellow tongue.


7-10 day delivery to U.K & England & all countries of Europe. • Express post availble - please email us prior to ordering your Yellow tongue and we will send you a Paypal request for express post calculations.

More TIPS on and tricks of the trade on how to use a yellow tongue!:

Comes in an envelope coiled. You can use duct tape two yellow tongues together to do double-story wall cavities. If your wall cavity is very tight - tape the cable you are feeding up the wall onto the 'end' of the tongue rather than 'on' the tongue reducing the chances of your tongue or cable getting snagged as you pull it up or down. This is the cable feeding tool all the people in the know use to run extra tv points, antenna points, electrical points, extra outlets for phone, sky tv, antenna, tv, electrical etc.

Tips/Tricks of the trade: Glide your tongue gently up the wall instead of shoving it up. Try to 'feel' the obstacles with your hand when obstacles are met and twist the tongue over instead of jamming it up there when it meets resistance. For double brick walls: Jamming can be the most effective technique (Twisting not recommended or usually possible) Twist the yellow tongue over once and see if it will then glide past the obstacle it previously met. Twist over as many times as necessary (or it will allow you to) until it glides past its hidden obstacle (which you obviously cannot see) Do this repeatedly, until is seems it as glided all the way to the top listening carefully - often you will hear it tapping at the top indicating it has gone all the way up your wall cavity. (If there is a really stubborn obstacle, this could be air conditioning, other cables, grout/mortar on the back of the brickwork, just too tight of a fit but more than likely a stud! in which case you need to twist the tongue in a way to get around it! Do know the difference between an 'inside wall' and an 'outside wall' of the premises as 'inside walls' need pre drilling! - any 'outside wall' of your house generally has a cavity along the brickwork. (You may need to drill through the ply-wood) If you using the yellow tongue on a timber home, timber slats, weather board home there is generally no cavity up 'outside walls'.

For double brick walls in Europe, England and U.KThere is a magnificent trick that makes it 5 x times easier to get your yellow tongue up the wall. What you do is instead of drilling 90 degrees (parallel with the floor) through the first wall drill upwards of an angle as acute of an angle as you can - because the yellow tongues does not have to turn a sharp 90 degree bend it will slide up the cavity five times as easy for you. The tongue also does not get bad 'memory effect' from putting those sharp bends on the tips. Another trick is get yourself some long plumbing pipe on your vehicle to store your yellow tongue. Keeping your tongue nice and straight rather than coiled up in the back of the ute tray or car is preferred. As the straighter your tongue is; the easier it does it's job that you want it to do on a day to day basis. Yellow tongues will eventually get bends and become old and worn from much use. I use my yellow tongue commercially and I tend to need to replace it every 3 months. The time I save from a straight yellow tongue pays itself off to no end.

For your information: These yellow tongues are much longer than 90% of single story walls so you only need 1 x for 99% of jobs.

Delivery of yellow tongues to the U.K and England come from our Australian warehouse. Having visited London several times, we know it is hard to find yellow tongues in England so that is why we provide our service. Email us with any questions -


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