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Home Theatre accessories


Ridiculous price on German made In-ceiling speakers with power drivers

Get rid of all your clutterly remote controls and get the 'Easiest Remote you will ever use'! Universal Remote Control - It really is fantastic once setup and looks a million bucks(something to be shown off in the loungeroom).

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  1. Ceiling Mounted TV Bracket

    Regular Price: $179.00

    Special Price $139.00

    Ceiling Mounted TV Bracket • 37 - 70" TV • Rated to 50KG • Universal length - min. 78cm - extends to 1.7m! • Black in colour • Fits any TV within weight rating • Easy to install
  2. Jumbo universal TV remote for Elderly or Partially Blind

    Regular Price: $59.98

    Special Price $42.56

    • Big, easy to use buttons. • Programs into common Brand name Televisions • Sony, Toshiba, LG, NEC, Phillips, Panasonic, Topfield, Foxtel, Samsung, Hisense, Sharp, JVC, Palsonic, Hitachi. • Makes it easy for the elderly or partially blind to operate and control their own TV with this Jumbo Universal remote control that programs into any common name brand name Television, VCR, DVD etc. • Controls up to 4 devices.
  3. AV Shelf Wall Bracket - 2 Glass Shelves - Cable Concealment

    Regular Price: $189.00

    Special Price $85.00

    • Black in colour • 2 x Hardened glass shelves • Shelves support 10KG each, enough to support any dvd player, set top box, speaker, playstation, wii or foxtel box and some amplifiers • Easy to install. As is as 1,2,3. • Total Cable concealment
  4. Home Theatre Installation Gold Coast per hour labour
    Home Theater Installation Gold Coast **Call for a quote!!** • Technician with over 18 years experience (TV Magic) • TV Wall mounting • Projector Installation • Universal remotes (specialty) • Extra TV points • Multi room media and audio • Home automation • Cinema room design • Surround sound specialist • Call 0488 899 849 Home Theatre Installation Gold Coast
  5. Power Extension Lead Cable 5m Australian Plug and socket

    Regular Price: $29.98

    Special Price $15.00

    As low as: $12.00
    Australian Power Plug and Socket Electrical Extension cable • 10 amp • 240v • White in colour Simple and typical Power extension cable. Cheap and delivered to your door Australia wide. Grab this guy with your other requirements and save on postage.
  6. Surge Protector 6 Way - Don't pay $200 for a surge protector! Now half price!

    Regular Price: $79.98

    Special Price $35.86

    As low as: $24.98
    6 Way surge Protector with isolation switch • 240v, Australian Standards Rating • White in colour • 1.5m Power cable length • Surge protection helps prevent damage to your Av and home theatre devices and equipment from lightening and power surges and strikes
  7. Universal Projector ceiling Mount (WHITE)

    Regular Price: $89.00

    Special Price $45.00

    Cheap nProjector Bracket ceiling Bracket for Ceiling Mounted Projectors • Holds up to 15kg (most projectors are only 2-3kg) • 6 year Manufacturer warranty • Heavy Guage Steel construction • Powder coated white • Suitable for concrete, brick or stud ceilings • Can be mounted on ceiling plaster - anchor with a small piece of timber to enhance surface area drilled into through a neatly cut wallplate hole for your cables to come through and you can ceiling mount your projector within minutues • Distance to the ceiling 220-290mm • Tilts up or down 15 degrees • Suits any style of projector • Easy to install • We also have all your projector cables - 10m hdmi cable, 10m component etc • Use bullnose wallplates - to have all your cables neat and tidy
  8. Yellow tongue from $9.95 to England, UK & Europe - Feed cables/cords up wall cavities yourself!

    Regular Price: $34.95

    Special Price $14.95

    Delivered from Australia to England and U.K • 7-10 day delivery • Please note: We are currently experiencing difficulty with our shopping cart in terms of overseas customer check outs. Please email with the # of yellow tongues you require. We will send you a paypal request with postage included. Postage starts from $10.80 for sea mail or $18.20 for air mail (under 500gram - QTY: 3 Max) For orders of more than 3, overseas parcel prices go up dramatically. Please email above for a quote. • Express post available - please email us and we'll send you a Paypal request. Yellow tongue - a.k.a 'Cavity Master', 'Cavity King', 'Wall snake' or 'Magic Strip' • 3.5m in length • Use your yellow tongue to push, pull, feed, get cable, electrical cable, coax cable, cat5/6 or any type of cable or speaker cable up/down/through wall cavities, down walls or across ceiling spaces • Yellow Tongue: also known as Magic Strip, Plastic Tongue, Cavity King, Plastic feeding tool, Cavity Master, Wall Snake • The tool the electricians and all cable runners cannot get through their day without. • Your wall cavity is no match for a yellow tongue! Its what the professionals use • Very flexible yet stiff plastic used to hold floor boards together but has been used and proven to be an invaluable tool for cable runners in the industry, you'll be able to feed cables up the wall yourself with little to no training. • Brand New - comes coiled up in a the envelope • Prepare your yellow tongue by leaving un coiled out in sun or coiling up in the opposite direction to re 'straighten' the yellow tongue.
  9. Cable Conduit For Brick wall-mounted televisions - 1m White (16 x 16mm)

    Regular Price: $22.95

    Special Price $14.95

    As low as: $9.95

    Cable Conduit

    • 16mm x 16mm • 1m length mounting kit purchased Paint conduit as required to make your concealed cables even more invisible. 16 x 16mm square conduit. How to apply when putting your tv on brick wall: • Fix to wall (glue, masonry plugs, wall mates, silicon etc) • Insert cables (waiting time to dry if applicable) • Click on 'cap'/cover • Remove plastic film wrapping
  10. Universal Remote Replacement Remote for lost or broken remotes!

    Regular Price: $45.21

    Special Price $18.00

    As low as: $16.00
    A Cheap 'universal remote' to operate up to 8 devices. • If you want a cheap replacement remote for your tv, dvd player, vcr etc this is the one you want! • This remote says it will work with thousands of brands. • We find it has a 95% hit rate with the big brand names • If you need a replacement remote for your television, vcr or dvd player and it is sony, panasonic, LG, toshiba, NEC, AWA, Hitachi, Phillips, Loewe, Sharp, Samsung, Teac, Pioneer, Kenwood etc this remote will programme in and get you out of strife. • On the other hand if your tv, vcr, dvd player is hong thong, flap jack, golden disk, best playa, Jui Jutsu or Samsinger these remotes have next to no( 20%) chance of programming in. • Feel free to email us your brand + model of your tv/equipment and we will give you advice on your brand/model to get you a replacement remote. • This remote will programme into up to 8 devices ... so.. if you have a LG tv, Sharp vcr and Pioneer Dvd Player you should be able to get all three onto this cheap handy universal remote. • In the un-likely event that the remote does not work (WITH our recommendation) we will persist to help you utilize tricks of the trade to get it to work as we know just how well these remotes perform. After that, if the codes/programming still; just doesn't work we will give you a full refund minus your shipping cost once you have returned it to us.

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