Banana Plugs - (budget) Speaker cable plugs

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Banana Plugs - (budget) Speaker cable plugs

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Banana Plugs (PAIR)
• High integrity signal transfer from your speaker cable to your amplifier
• Price includex 2x banana plugs (pair)
• The more you order the cheaper they get!
• One Red, One Black Banana plug
• Makes it quick and easy to connect up your home theatre/surround sound/speaker system
• Easy to use!


Banana Plugs Budget. Banana plugs make your amplifier/speaker connection very user friendly. If you regularly plug and unplug these connections at the back of your unit, it can be real time consuming tightening and securely terminating bare speaker cable wholly within the terminal/binding post every time. Banana plugs simply click in or out of amp by pushing/pulling quickly and comfortably.

A customer's testimony:

"Agh I simply give up with my frustrating amplifier and speaker connections! The other day they got the better of me and I nearly smashed a hole through it! It's just so awkward getting thick speaker cables on a right angle into the little openings of the speaker terminals on the back I know banana plugs would be 10 times easier but I've never wanted to spend the money until I saw your site seeing how cheap they are - theyre like 3 times the price at #$ #$ ^& Anyway thankyou great service too"-Jamie, Gold Coast

If you have your devices on display, then banana plugs will show off your equipment. Many people find banana plugs offer a more attractive and professional appearance. Even basic, low priced plugs look great and can certainly enhance the look of your entertainment or stereo system. Banana plugs also help to protect the end of your cables from corrosion, which is especially important in you live in a very humid climate.


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