Tile Roof Tripod (3-5days delivery)

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Tile Roof Tripod (3-5days delivery)

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Hardware to securely install an antenna closer to the peak of a roof to receive better signal than mounting off a fascia board. When installed properly is designed to withstand 150km/hr winds.
1.2m Mast
galvanised steel


Watch the video below to learn how to install a tile tripod correctly without cracking roof tiles and waterproofing the installation. The sequence of drilling holes into tiles, preparing and fixing the tripod securely and correctly is shown by actual raw footage of a professional antenna installer in this 5min video.

Instructions for installation: • slide/move back tile to the left (must be to the left! for making it easy to slide it back IMPORTANT!) • look/measure distance from bottom of tiles to rafter (timber or metal rafters) so that when you drill you will hit the rafter dead centre. • Note: drilling into tiles is ONLY done at 'crest' (top of tile) IMPORTANT! this prevents a leak/water failure! Always drill into the upper most part of roof tiles. • Next you see drill bit (after it has drilled right through both tiles) a pilot hole slightly smaller than your coach screws is drilled into the rafter on both holes • Now you can fill the holes with silicon if you wish or lather it on generously at the end to water proof • Now Tripod is done up loosely. Important! tighten up angle of pole firmly and tight before doing up the two coach screws! This will prevent tile from cracking! • Lastly do up coach screws with hand tool, not a driver! Using a driver can crack your tile! • that's it! Silicon up all angles that water could come in. Do each step carefully as described and you will successfully install these tripods yourself! Use new sharp masonry drill bits to make drilling painless. A corded or cordless hammer drill is needed. • More detailed instructions including exactly what drill bits are required are belowAll the materials for completing a tile roof tripod installation are at bottom of page

Hardware to securely install an antenna closer to the peak of a roof to receive better signal than mounting off a fascia board. When installed properly is designed to withstand 150km/hr winds. • 1.2m Mast • galvanised steel

Detailed instructions for installing a Tile roof Tripod: • What you will need - Drill with hammer feature, 2x long coach screws for tripod (at least 90mm), 2x washers, 1x tripod, roof & gutter silicon, spanner/adjustable wrench/socket set, (13mm) masonry drill bit (new & sharp), min 200mm long, 10mm (thick) timber drill bit (5mm), some basic handy man skills! • Choose where on roof your digital antenna is being installed (near the peak is best); perhaps you are lucky enough to have a roof where you can mount the digital antenna high but still out of sight from the front yard. Know which way your antenna will be facing (by looking @ neighbours) and pick a location for the tripod that enables the antenna to face in a direction that doesn't include too many obstacles like trees, neighbouring houses, powerlines or any/as little as possible obstacles for that matter. Obviously an antenna field strength meter is best but for the DIYer you can get away with this most of the time if you have a good enough Digital Antenna. By using a HYBRID, cable magic's high gain Digital Antenna. (This antenna has one of the highest gains ratings on the market enabling a DIYer to install it without a signal strength meter 99% theirselves!) • Once installation position has been decided upon; slide a tile back (must be to the left) and determine/measure the distance to the rafters. Use this technique to accurately drill through your tile to hit the rafter dead centre. • Check your tripod holes line up with two 'crests' of the tile/s (the highest part of the tiles) • When you are confident you have determined where on the tile to drill to hit rafters dead on drill two holes on the 'UPPER' part of the tile (Always drill through the crest of the tile where it is highest to prevent water damage!) Use approx. 10mm masonry drill bit • Using your drill's hammer feature and a masonry drill bit drill through the levels of tile (usually 2 or 3); because tiles overlap, for this job when you are drilling your bit will punch & stop onto the next tile underlapping two or three times (with the second or third time being the rafter - this is when you stop!) until you hit the rafter. Take your time, you do not want to force your 10mm drill bit (too large of a hole) through your rafter as well! Masonry drill bits don't cut through timber very easily so you should notice a lack of progress once the masonry bit has reached the timber if you havn't noticed the distance through the tile. If you miss all together, not all is lost - leave your drill bit through, reach your hand through the tile you pulled back on the left and feel to what side of the rafter you missed and you can sometimes drill on more of an angle and fix your screw on this angle to still securely go through the rafter without drilling another hole. Worse case scenario is that you silicon up your hole. Be gentle with tiles when walking or drilling on them as they can be prone to crack! Depending on the type of tiles you are dealing with. Some new homes have metal rafters, treat them the same as timber. • Depending on your coach screws (some have sharp tips & are small enough which do not require pilot holes in the rafters) Otherwise use a suitable long timber boring drill bit (approx. 5mm or less) to put a pilot hole in the timber. • You are now ready to attach your tripod. To guarantee minimal risk of cracking your tile follow the steps in the described order. • Next line up your two coach screws through your tripod poles, and get them started into the rafter (use a hammer to knock them into the rafter to help them bite in if necessary - not too hard as to crack your tile!) • Use your wrench/spanner/socket to tighten up both screws ONLY 90%!!! You need to do up your tripod now before you tighten them all the way otherwise you risk cracking your tile! • Insert the pole part of your tripod and put the top & bottom nut & bolts on loosely. Whilst putting weight with your foot to keep the tripod flat on the roof use just enough force to gently bend the tripod pole so that the pole is 100% verticle. Now in this position tight the two (top & bottom) nut & bolts of your tripod so the pole stays straight. Nut & bolts on tripods are designed to be done up to maximum torque - with the bottom bolt done up until you can see the pole 'squishing' in. • Once this is done you can now tighten the two coach screws into the rafters all the way. Do this slowly listening to to your tile creak as you get close - Don't over do it = cracked tile! Just tight enough that your tripod is firm and won't go anywhere. TIGHTEN UP SLOWLY! • Silicon up your holes, silicon across the top of the tripod (at higher point where water can run down under the metal into the hole). Look for any air holes as any light seen means water can get through! Feel free to silicon from the inside of your roof also. • This should now be your tripod complete. Fasten your digital antenna & coax cable fitted with an F connector. You can run your coax cable into the ceiling space through the tile you pulled back earlier. The reason for pulling back a tile on your left & not your right is that you can now easily slide back the tile by lifting the tile to its left. If you had pulled back a tile to the right instead of the left you will now realise it is impossible to slide it back and you will have to start over! We did warn you!


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