Amplifiers - Tools

Here are the tools used by the professionals in the industry to get cables down the wall such as the yellow tongue, also known as magic strip.

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  1. Kingray Mast Head Amplifier

    Regular Price: $119.00

    Special Price $79.99

    As low as: $43.00
    Boost analogue or digital reception Boost tv signal before you lose the signal quality low c/n 3 year manufacturs warranty from KingRay.
  2. Waterproofing Tube of Silicon - Roof and gutter - Transculent Colour

    Regular Price: $12.95

    Special Price $8.10

    As low as: $5.90
    Tube of Silicon • Transculent colour • provided for your convenience • Waterproof holes drilled in walls, gutters, tiles, tin rooves etc • Novel included • Fill up to 50 holes • Use to fix coax cable onto brickwork • Waterproofs non galvanised metal screws and parts • Waterproofs and bug proofs holes drilled in holes and rooves from digital antenna installation • Chalking gun not included.
  3. Coax Cable Stripper tool

    Regular Price: $22.00

    Special Price $14.78

    As low as: $12.39
    Coax Cable Strippers • 2 blades to strip coax cable at exactly the right depth and length for f connector fitting or goold old fashion saddle and screw fitting • Allen key adjust blades • Brand new coax stripper with sharp blades making it easy to fit your own f connectors to your coax cable • Easy to use • Adjustable to different thicknesses of coax cable ie. rg6 or rg59 (9) • Don't forget your hex crimp tool, coax cable (order as many metres as you want!), or f connectors!
  4. Cable Ties - Zip ties (qty 100)

    Regular Price: $14.00

    Special Price $9.95

    • Packet of 100x zip ties • black in colour • great for keeping your coaxial cable tidy • tidy your coax cable to down pipes • tidy cable to your digital antenna mounting pole/fascia bracket etc • keep all the cords behind your tv cabinet together and tidy • use to get clutter-free cables in your home theatre system • Use to help prevent birds sitting on your digital antenna!! which leads to- breaking elements/effecting your signal • Easy to use • Just normal, everyday cable ties • Also known as Zip ties
  5. Plaster Saw - cut your own holes professionally and safely in plaster

    Regular Price: $38.75

    Special Price $19.97

    As low as: $18.50
    • Tool for cutting plaster to install tv antenna outlets • Proper tool to cut holes in plaster • Use to cut holes for wallplates - tv points, electrical, wall - mounting tv, • Preferred and safe method as opposed to drilling - Don't electrocute yourself! • Tool as used by the professionals • Fat Max brand • Also popular with Computer grommets and bullnose wall plates for TV wall mounting
  6. Chaulking Gun

    Regular Price: $12.60

    Special Price $8.77

    As low as: $8.23
    Chaulking Gun • Ideal for 1 time use • Professionally use your silicon to waterproof holes - applies even, consistent amount of silicon, only which is possible with a chaulking gun • Chaulking guns can range up to $100 plus! This is perfect for a DIYer • Also known as a silicon gun
  7. Yellow Tongue (Half) 1.75m

    Regular Price: $16.00

    Special Price $7.97

    As low as: $7.56
    Yellow Tongue (half size) • 1.75m • Full size yellow tongue also available • This length of yellow tongue is suitable for tv wall mounting jobs, wall cavities where you are installing an extra tv outlet, data outlet, power outlet etc 'up high' • Yellow in colour • Yes this is the tongue that comes from yellow tongue flooring or tongue groove flooring
  8. Compression Tool

    Regular Price: $64.20

    Special Price $48.00

    Compression Tool • Professional grade • As used by Foxtel / Pay tv installers
  9. Amalgamating Tape Roll

    Regular Price: $38.30

    Special Price $29.98

    Amalgamating Tape • Water proofs connectors and splitters in the outdoors. • When it melts in the sun it creates a water proof mould. Use on any outdoor component that would otherwise fail or rust in the outdoor elements • Apply generously to be sure to waterproof the area /intended purpose • 1 x Roll which give you approx 20-60 applications. • Do not use electrical/duct tape - the sun and water will eventually peel and penetrate this plastic stuff causing your splitter/connector to corrode and destroy your signal • Self- Amalgamating tape has a rubbery compound that when applied makes a water proof seal around its application keeping water out for the long- term. • Use with all antenna, satellite dish, installations where connectors, splitters, joins or un-protected baluns are out in the elements.
  10. Yellow tongue from $9.95 to England, UK & Europe - Feed cables/cords up wall cavities yourself!

    Regular Price: $34.95

    Special Price $14.95

    Delivered from Australia to England and U.K • 7-10 day delivery • Please note: We are currently experiencing difficulty with our shopping cart in terms of overseas customer check outs. Please email with the # of yellow tongues you require. We will send you a paypal request with postage included. Postage starts from $10.80 for sea mail or $18.20 for air mail (under 500gram - QTY: 3 Max) For orders of more than 3, overseas parcel prices go up dramatically. Please email above for a quote. • Express post available - please email us and we'll send you a Paypal request. Yellow tongue - a.k.a 'Cavity Master', 'Cavity King', 'Wall snake' or 'Magic Strip' • 3.5m in length • Use your yellow tongue to push, pull, feed, get cable, electrical cable, coax cable, cat5/6 or any type of cable or speaker cable up/down/through wall cavities, down walls or across ceiling spaces • Yellow Tongue: also known as Magic Strip, Plastic Tongue, Cavity King, Plastic feeding tool, Cavity Master, Wall Snake • The tool the electricians and all cable runners cannot get through their day without. • Your wall cavity is no match for a yellow tongue! Its what the professionals use • Very flexible yet stiff plastic used to hold floor boards together but has been used and proven to be an invaluable tool for cable runners in the industry, you'll be able to feed cables up the wall yourself with little to no training. • Brand New - comes coiled up in a the envelope • Prepare your yellow tongue by leaving un coiled out in sun or coiling up in the opposite direction to re 'straighten' the yellow tongue.

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