Tv Antenna Mast Kit - Kit to increase the height of your tv antenna for improved tv reception

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Tv Antenna Mast Kit - Kit to increase the height of your tv antenna for improved tv reception

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Tv Antenna Mast kit
• Designed to have everything you need to put your tv antenna up high
• Pole and kit delivered by courier approx. 4-5 day delivery
• Tv Antenna not included but you should check out our high performance digital Hybrid - these out perform 99% of antennas - if you are putting your antenna up high to improve your tv reception or live in a black spot area you do want a decent quality antenna up there
• Kit includes all the gear as shown in pictures
• Kit includes
• All gear is high quality galvanized, will not rust, will not rust your roof and will last min. 10 years even 30 year lifespan
• 1x 20ft mast (the main pole)
• 1x Low noise Masthead amplifier and power pack (digital booster)
• 20x quadshield coax cable all professional terminated and fitted all ready to go
• 1x 50m roll of guy wire
• 2 x stay bars
• 1x apex mount for tile or tin roof
• 1x guy plate
• 3 x guy cleats
• 1x guy collar and thimbles
• 3x turn buckles
• 2 x stay bar collars
Gear All up worth $375! bought individually


So just how high do you have to go to improve your tv reception? That's a really good question but without being there physically to test the tv reception with a field strength meter on site there is no way of telling. But a basic rule of thumb is - the higher the better. The Australian broadcasting authorities state that for every 100 km distance from tv transmitters the height should be doubled.

Why would you put your tv antenna up higher? To Improve tv reception. The higher the antenna the more signal any antenna will gain. You can use your existing antenna and it will improve your tv reception if it is put up higher. Because tv signal is exponential, which means a 4m increase in height may only gain an extra 1-3 db in signal strength but in terms of tv signal this is actually 200% signal power gain which means dramatically less pixelation and digital break up.

If you have digital break up or tv pixelation One way of improving your tv reception is to put it higher. This kit has all the gear to securely fix and mount your tv antenna a decent height for black spot areas and bad reception zones. It comes with a digital booster, it comes with all the stays and hardware to mount it professionally yourself. These masts are, if installed correctly designed to withstand 150km/h winds. They are quite easy to mount with 2 people and we have videos and instructions to help you mount it. Once mounted you can swivel the pole around, aiming the tv antenna in the right direction before tightening the bolts, then tighten up the stays and guy wire and go on with life enjoying better tv reception!


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