Portable Caravanning Satellite Dish System Kit- The perfect Caravan/Travellers Satellite dish, portable and compact!

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Portable Caravanning Satellite Dish System Kit- The perfect Caravan/Travellers Satellite dish, portable and compact!

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THIS ONE IS A BEAUTY! This is a portable satellite dish that folds up, comes with its own case and takes up less space than every before!
• Easy to use! Easier than ever now; as the kit comes with a Satellite Finder detector, and not a cheap analogue one
• Also known as a Caravan Satellite dish, Traveller's Satellite dish, Portable Satellite dish
• Comes with 12m of Cable
• Single Output LNB
• 80cm dish
• Carry Bag
• Cradle, stand
• Free Delivery!
• Comes with absolutely everything to start watching TV on the move! Minimax Satellite Dishes are a traveller's companion. Within a matter of 60 seconds, the Minimax can be unzipped from its convenient carry case bag which can be stored under the bed or in the cupboard and be setup out on just about any ground surface and you can be watching TV literally from the desert! We mean literally! Because the signal comes from space; the Minimax Satellite dish will line up (using the Included satellite finding device which is easy to use) with the Satellite that gives you TV. All you have to do then is sit back and enjoy beautiful un-interrupted Television! Channels that are available depend on which Satellite you choose to connect to. Combine the Minimax with a Government Vast Decoder box and you can watch all the 7,9,10, ABC and SBS HD channels, regular channels and extras including 7Mate, Go, Gem, 7two and so forth - all of them!
• This is THE MOST RELIABLE WAY TO GET FREE TO AIR SIGNAL! FREE VIEW AND HD CHANNELS! You can literally connect to Vast with a vast decoder box (optional extra) and get perfect F2A signal from the desert! Guaranteed!


Portable Satellite DISH - "Minimum space, Maximium Signal" Also known as a Caravan Dish, Traveller's Dish, Portable Dish. • Outperforms any Antenna whilst travelling. • Not only is it more reliable in really bad signal areas, this guy folds up neatly and out of the way into its own convenient carry case!

There are literally hundreds of Channels in all sorts of languages available from Satellite. The advantages of Satellite over a caravan or TV Antenna is that if you are getting digital pixelation or bad TV reception or none, there is nothing you can do about it! With a Minimax dish you will always get signal because it connects to the Satellite in the sky! Please Note: Minimax dish is designed for the C band Satellites only (Asia) which provides hundreds of channels in all different languages. You can check out what channels you can get from lyngsat.com The minimax will not give you Foxtel/Pay TV (unless you pay subscriptions for a box, in that case it will! Foxtel on the move!) or your regular free to air channels unless you have a registered VAST decoder Box. A vast decoder box can be used in conjunction with the Minimax (product below) to get you all your HD channels, channel 7, 9, 10, 7 Mate, GEM, GO etc all 26 Australian Free to Air Channels. And yes they are in HD quality, The Vast box has 1080p output. If you have any questions about Vast or Minimax please email us!


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