Ultimate DIY Digital antenna system kit! (budget - for 1 tv point only)

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Ultimate DIY Digital antenna system kit! (budget - for 1 tv point only)

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THIS KIT IS DESIGNED TO CATER FOR 1 TV OUTLET only - other kits are available for only 2 or more tv outlets
Kit includes!: (if all items purchased individually exceeds $111.95!)
1x Phantom - high Gain 16db bird proof 34 element Digital Antenna (This antenna is perfect for amateurs and will pull A LOT of signal without a professional SIGNAL METER. )

12m x Professional grade Foxtel approved Quadshield RG6 coax cable with fittings professionally fitted!

1x digital Wallplate (where you plug cord into wall)

1x plaster brackets (to attach wallplates to wall)

1 x additional F connector for cutting and fitting your own connectors

1x 1.5m High Quality Male to Male antenna cord (high quality flylead to ensure the best signal gets from the wallplate to your tv/set top box)

For information purposes: [read all of the below if you have any doubts! this section is provided to boost consumer confidence in the quality of the materials purchased! And not to deter anyone from DIY! due to the complexity of technicalities!}
*additional flyleads/antenna cords can be purchased from the 'rf antenna cord' tab on left for $9.95 ea or 3 from $7.95 ea*

Additional extras you also may be interested in (but honestly may or may not need are:
Masthead Amplifier (booster) - (the only boosters proper antenna services use - best for digital) $54.95 - The honest truth is that 'boosters' are more of a necessity if you live outside of capital cities/not receiving your tv channels from the capital city (uhf signals) - but also depends on 1. How many of the 4 outlets you will be installing (doesn't matter if you intend to use all or not - it's the fact that the 4way splitter is connected) 2. How long your cable runs are(how much cable the signal has to travel through to get from the antenna, through the splitter and to your tv). 3. Most importantly where you live and how much signal your antenna can receive in your area! Remembering that you get one of the highest signal gain antennas on the market in this kit!.

Boosters are relatively simple to install - any questions just email us! We can also advise you by email: the liklihood of you needing one or not(just provide your street and postcode - We won't recommend one where it's completely unnessesary because amplifiers boost signals and too much signal can actually be detrimental as well!)
Also, you can always install your antenna without an amp, see how the reception goes and get one later. These are available from the 'boosters' tab on the left.
Pack of 100 cable clips just $9.95(half price of bunnings!) - this is for pinning/clipping cable down timber walls/brick walls (to attach coax cable down the outside of a house or any application where you need to pin cable to a surface) - (paticularly used where you are not running cable down wall cavities) these are available from the 'coax cable' tab on left

Tube of roof/gutter silicon $9.95 (this is provided for your convenience)(paticularly used if purchasing tripods or if you drilling holes through exterior surfaces to run cable) - available from the 'antennas' tab on left

Tripods $29.95 (for tin or tile rooves) - These are to mount your antenna at a higher location on your roof for optimal signal. (Tile roof tripods also require two coach screws, 2 x washers and silicon) - available from 'roof mounts' tab on left.

Roll of tape $2.20 (these are provided merely for convenience. Use to secure coaxial cable to the mounting pole so that it cannot flap around in the wind (Available from the 'coax cable' tab on left).

Additional connectors $1.10e (no more than 10 provided are needed unless you intend to run more than 4x points) additional wallplates $2.95, wallplate brackets $1.95, 2 way/4way splitters from $4.95 or additional coax cable -buy as many additional metres as you want (for adding more than 4 outlets should you wish to do so)

Finally! ...We hope all this information has been helpful and you can always come back online to read it again after purchasing your diy kit.


INDIVIDUAL ITEMS INCLUDED IN THE KIT VALUE TO A TOTAL OF MORE THAN $110! with (the sales discounts) IF EVERYTHING WAS PURCHASED SEPERATELY. So even if you require extras you are still saving alot of $! (You can pay around $220 - $400 or more!; to have a professional antenna service to come to your house and install an antenna from scratch with an extra outlet(or replace old cable to an existing outlet) AND chances are the antenna they install won't be as good as this one! Guaranteed!


This kit has everything you need for amateur or DIYer to install their own antenna, replace their antenna or repair bad reception. The antenna itself is a design that is superior to all types of antennas - (the PHANTOM). It can be installed without a Professional Field Strength meter 99% of the time. The 34 elements can pull in 3 times the signal gain of standard 13element or 18 element antennas allowing the signal to still be quite strong even if the antenna is not aligned correctly. This antenna features bird proof elements and is an unique combination of features from other antennas incorporating the best parts into the one antenna! This really is the best antenna available on the market! In this kit you also get professional grade RG6 quadshield coax cable, digital compatible wallplates, splitters and F connectors to install a completely high quality and digital compatible antenna system with flawless signal. The 40m of coax cable is foxtel approved and is currently the highest grade of cable available, the wallplates, splitter, connectors are all what are called 'f type' which is basically what digital signal requires (digital signal favours f type connections rather than older 'saddle and screw'/analogue type splitters, cable etc) and the package is designed to include everything you need for the majority of homes or diyers who want to save some cash and have the will and/or some basic knowledge and/or patience to install their own antenna system to 1 point .. ie in the bedroom! We would love to hear your feedback about any other little things you may require; but since the kit is at an already ridiculous price for what is included we figured you can just add them to the shopping cart because you actually get free delivery for orders over $120!

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