Add 1 extra tv outlet Kit - Everything you need! digital cable, digital splitter, wallplate, connnectors and yellow tongue for feeding cable up wall!

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Add 1 extra tv outlet Kit - Everything you need! digital cable, digital splitter, wallplate, connnectors and yellow tongue for feeding cable up wall!

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This kit is designed to include everything you need to install your own extra tv point/outlet compatible with digital television.
• Put an extra point in your bedroom
• In the kids rooms?
• Upgrade/Repair an existing point
• Moving your point from one side of room to the other?

Kit includes:
12m x Quadshield Coax Cable
5 x F 6 connectors
1 x Digital 2 way splitter
1 x Digital Wallplate
1 x Plaster bracket (for wallplate)
1 x Yellow tongue
1 x Free 1.5m Antenna cord (Premade - quadshield cable)
5 x 7mm cable clips (for clipping cable down outside of house - timber / brick walls)

Not included: If your existing cable runs under the house (paticularly QLD) then you may or may not need a 'Skirting Board' outlet as opposed to the standard 'Wall plate' provided. (These are also digital compatible and can be easier to install then standard ones for these type of buildings).

Additional cable clips not included.

Silicon for holes drilled not included.


Ridiculous Price! Save time & money by shopping at one convenient location by getting all the bits and bobs from a specialist store at wholesale prices. Avoid paying up to $200 for an antenna man to put an extra outlet in your home!

We will gladly assist you along the way with the installation process, if you have troubles with anything - getting the coax cable up the wall cavity, terminating the coax cable, putting the f connectors on, connecting the splitter or even tuning your tv - just email us! And we'll have a technician respond to you via phone or email to get you unstuck!

Customer's Email "Comment: I came across your 'Extra TV outlet kit' and I am quite interested in purchasing a few kits. But I have a few questions first. We have an existing antenna (6 yrs old) with 3 outlets and 2 working digital TV's. The furthest outlet is at least 20 m away and has some kind of booster in the power point near the outlet. I want to install another two outlets and I was wondering if the signal is weakened by more outlets. Do I need any amplification and if so where and do you supply such items? For the installation can I just cut the existing line and install a splitter for another outlet? I have installed quite a few extra power points so I know I can do it, I just need to know what to do. I also want to install a few extra data (Cat5) outlets. Do you sell the crimpers, wall plates, RJ45 plugs and cable? Can you also please give me prices on any of the items mentioned above? Many thanks Eric

Our Response: "Okay That 'booster' plugged into your furtherest outlet sounds like it is a 'power pack' for an amplifier that is inside your roof or on the mast of (the pole) of your analogue/digital antenna. (You'll see a 'box' on the antenna pole). Feel free to send a photo. Now if you already have one of these - You do not need an amplifier unless your struggling for signal as is .. and that can come down to a number of things. ...(Speculating) 1. Your antenna not being in the best spot ., your booster not being a digital booster and the list goes on.. but by the sounds of it you have everything that you need and SHOULD NOT need any further amplification. (Yes you do lose 5-10% signal for every extra point you put in but you already have this masthead amplifier so shouldn't be a problem). As for splitting into the cable anywhere - you can do this... professionals will do this sometimes..if you have an extremely large house...but ideally you have all points going back to the one splitter. The extra point kit comes with a two way splitter.. but we could purhaps swap it for a 6way or 8 way splitter (let us know) and just get you to pay the difference in price. Yes we are flexible like that. Also on that.. the point that has the 'power pack' plugged in.. is what they call the 'power pass'. When; if you go ahead with this and change your splitter to a larger splitter (because your installing extra points) be sure to connect that 'power pass' point to the splitter's power pass port (keeping it consistent) - if you don't know what im talking about this will make more sense when you go to do it or I can elaborate on it more later if you have problems. As for data cabling... we sell cat 5 cable by the metre, all the rj45 inserts, wallplates and cat 5 punch and stripper tool etc... I'll tell you what if you email me all your requirements how much (the length of everything etc)... I could tailor a package up for you where you get what you want at a good discounted rate. If you have any more questions just email us:)

After that:One very happy customer who made an order with us! So if you to have any questions or would like to take advantage of our technical help services just email us! We look forward to doing business with you!


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