About Cable Magic

Our Mission:
"To supply high-quality products back by REAL LIFE PROFESSIONAL INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE."

Our reason for being
  • We found some of the best experts in the field across a myriad of industries. Experts who we feel knew their products inside out. These industry experts could articulate the good and the bad of any product without bias. They could then recommend the highest-quality, highest-performing & value for money products from a "REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCE" perspective. These experts were able to discern the pros and cons of a wide range of products in their specific industry, providing much more insight to a consumer who is less knowledgeable. They see the real ins, outs, pros and cons of a product and therefore are able to recommend the highest quality products not from a retail point of view but from an ACCURATE and REAL LIFE-WE-HAVE-USED-THIS-PRODUCT-OURSELVES-ACROSS-MULTIPLE-SCENARIOS-AND-IT-HAS-PROVEN-TO-BE-THE-BEST-PERFORMING-PRODUCT-ON-A-REPETITIVE-BASIS-PERSPECTIVE!"
  • As consumers ourselves we were frustrated with purchasing products sold by retailers and salesman that cannot back their products or provide the installation support we require to do the job ourselves. We were also frustrated with retailers or salespeople who sell products not knowing the real ins and outs of products for the situation for which we were using it for - because they had no real life experience.
  • We also exist for the purpose to extend this next level of professional opinion to the masses through the growth of online buying. Have confidence knowing that every single product is backed by professional, installation experience. We remove all the junk/products that have lemons and high failure rates.

Trade Customers love us!
  • Wholesale rates for professional installers, contact us
  • Orders shipped that day
  • Bulk orders welcome at a further discount
  • We understand your needs because we;ve been there!

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